Pasta & Ketchup

Pasta & Ketchup (working title) follows Will, who is a nineteen year old brit with an eating disorder: since he was young Will has lived off a diet of mainly pasta & ketchup, vomiting for hours when he attempts to eat something new.

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Will has recently become a father. We’ll be following Will’s progress as he attempts to widen his fresh fusilli pasta and tomato ketchup diet before his newborn son is old enough to mimic his father’s unhealthy eating habits.


Further Information


Will displays symptoms of what is known as avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder.

He is very selective about what he’ll eat. Not only does Will eat a limited range of food, he’ll only eat a specific brand of these foods – it has to be certain pasta from a certain supermarket.


Sample of Will’s Food Diary


Sample Week of Will's Food Diary


The mere thought of trying certain kinds of food makes Will uncomfortable, and he’s been this way since he can remember.

By all accounts this type of disordered eating isn’t widely understood, and the condition has only recently been identified as an official ‘disorder’.

We’re seeking further information about Will’s condition, as well as approaching others who may have faced similar difficulties. If you have any experience with this disorder please contact

Type: Documentary
Status: Forthcoming